Jaipur ki Jhappi

Collecting old warm clothes/blankets and distributing them among the poor

Jaipur experiences somewhere close to 10-11 degrees or less in terms of cold during winters. This is really cold for the homeless or for those who cannot afford warm clothes or blankets to shelter themselves. Temperatures are about to drop further but the astonishing fact is that every year, winters claim a number of lives, and mostly the homeless ones are the victims.

FS Foundation initiates a unique and much-needed social drive named ‘Jaipur ki Jhappi’. It aims at collecting old warm clothes/blankets and distributing them among the poor, needy and homeless people.

‘Jaipur ki Jhappi’ is an initiative to extend and distribute warmth to those in need. A gesture of donating clothes is a warm gesture which is as good as a kind hug. It is, in a way, a ‘Jhappi’ (Hug) to them by the people of Jaipur. It is for those thousands of homeless people living on the streets of Jaipur. It is a massive movement to help them by doing our bit, by donating our old warm clothes & blankets.

Various collection centers are set-up across the city of Jaipur where you can dump your old clothes and help somebody on the streets survive through the winters. For you, it is just an old piece of cloth, while for someone, it can be a life-saving gesture. Jaipur, it’s your turn to give someone a ‘Jaipur ki Jhappi’.