Join hands with Animal welfare organizations in Jaipur and bring happiness

Animal welfare organizations

Pet’s are bundles of love wrapped in fur!

Let’s make world a better place to live for animals too!

FS Foundation – Let’s Bring Happiness Brings – The NPO in Jaipur, India takes initiative to save animals. Being human it is our responsibility to take care of animals and their safety. People tend to keep pet but they forget that they have life and emotions. They need a bit of their love and affection.

Here are some useful animal safety tips that you must know.

# 1. Keep dogs and pets away from the food bags

Many a time we see that the pets are very excited to see what their food bag has for them. These open bags must be kept at a safe lace where the pets cannot get engulfed inside them. Such accidents can lead to suffocation. Make sure you dispose of them in a proper way.

# 2. Don’t have harmful plants at your home

Dogs and cats have a tendency to roam around the plants and chew them. However, there are plants which may lead to diarrhea, vomit and even death in the worst case. Keep check on such plants and chop them timely.

# 3. Cleaning products must be pet friendly

The household cleaners, plastic products etc should be used only after checking they are favorable for pet safety. There are many organizations who certify for safety.

So now lets get together to bring happiness in the lives of animals near us. There are a number of animal welfare organizations in Jaipur, rest of India, with whom you can work and do something for the innocent animals. Join us at Let’s Bring Happiness – the best NPO in Jaipur and we will work for animal safety. Join the campaign to Save and Help Animals. Mail us at now.

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