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Shaheen Mistri

Meet Shaheen Mistri – The CEO Of 'Teach For India' and Founder of 'Akansha Foundation'

Shaheen Mistri is prominently known as an educator and a social activist. She is the author and CEO of Teach for India. She is additionally an organizer of the Arkansan Foundation. Shaheen has been serving the part of a CEO to Teach for India since, 2008.

At the point when Shaheen was amid her school period, she communicated the readiness to teach the underprivileged children of the avenues. This is one reason her vocation ventured out opening a non-benefit organization for children, which was Akansha Foundation. At first, she began with 15 students at her foundation, today, the inside teaches 3,500 students in 58 focuses and 6 schools.

It was mid summers, when she took up an initiative part at Teach for India. The organization manages most encouraging understudies and youthful experts of India, who teach in low-wage schools and endeavor efforts to connect the instructive hole in the nation. Aside from performing as a CEO to this organization, Shaheen additionally go to the Board gatherings of Ummeed and Thermax Social Initiatives Foundation. Additionally, she is a guide to the Latika Roy Foundation.

To discuss her family, Shaheen has two charming daughters and is appreciating an agreeable family life.

Accomplishments and Rewards

Shaheen Mistri merits a great deal more than these prizes. I trust the Government comes ahead all the more regularly to support such individuals, who are taking efforts to improve an India.

She has delighted in distributed her work, Redrawing India – The Teach For India Story

Shaheen was respected with Ashoka Fellow grant, 2001

She achieved the title of Global Leader for Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, 2002

Additionally got the honor of Asia Society 21 Leader, 2006

What Inspires Us From Shaheen Mistri’s Success Story?

We frequently do things for our own children and family. We endeavor, battle, and trudge ourselves days and evenings for our children. Aren’t we as a whole doing likewise for our family? What’s so extraordinary or abnormal about it? Why do despite everything we feel some vacancy in our heart? Maybe, it is on account of we some place need significant serenity. That genuine feeling of serenity comes to individuals like Shaheen Mistri when she does things for others’ children.

. Her quiet nature, clear considerations, and clean soul are all the critical components that one needs to carry on with a serene life. Shaheen feels fulfilled when she sees the children expressing gratitude toward her for conferring the learning in them.

I truly regard her thought processes of life. It is the cycle of Karma that we as a whole are living in. On the off chance that you toss blossoms noticeable all around, you receive blooms consequently; in any case, in the event that you toss rocks, you get stones returned all over. Therefore, by securing the eventual fate of these children, Shaheen Mistri is securing her children’s future too through their favors. I figure that is the thing that we as a whole want for. Regardless of how much cash you have in your ledgers, in the event that you don’t have a sound rest in your bed, it is useless… Think insightful and act pleasant.