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Laxmi Agarwal

Inspirational story-Laxmi Agarwal- Acid attack survivor

You can either cry over your past or proceed onward looking directly into the eyes of the issues dealing with it. Yes, after all your future will be inked taking into account your choice. Laxmi Agarwal was a joyful seventh grade understudy when she was attacked with an acid in 2005. Her strength helped her survive the attack yet her scars helped her to remember that terrible occurrence. She regularly scrutinized her shortcoming in her monolog. Maybe, dismissing an alliance? Tormented after the episode took after by her dad’s passing, she disconnected herself for quite a long time. In any case, soon she declined to acknowledge her destiny and left on a journey of liberation. From that point forward, from getting grant from First Lady Michelle Obama to have secured TV programs, she has tasted her merited offer of achievements.

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Crusader: "The face you burnt is the face I cherish, I am prospering," she presented while tolerating grant at the American international safe haven. Her accept to change the social orders observation with respect to acid attack survivors, to view them as warriors instead of casualties. She has been a crusader offering voice to number of acid attack survivors around the globe.

Reclassifying beauty: Recently Social Media was raged with photographs of Laxmi and Rupa, another "contender" who were captured by expert Rahul Saharan for Stop Acid Attacks FB page. It was unusual. In any case, this strong stride by her broke the pre imagined idea about beauty in the society.

Persistent: Her overwhelming showdown with reality brought forth another Laxmi who was sure as well as valiant. She once trapped the then Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s auto to hand over an appeal marked by almost 27000 looking for direction on lucrative offer of acid. Incomparable Court reacted emphatically by making new laws to control offer of acid. Her forceful battle and tireless endeavors at long last paid off.

I understand that concealing my face is the same as staying quiet, particularly when everyone around me is talking up.

Changing life however activism: Initially heart broken when her relatives disconnected her for her distorted body parts, she gathered herself to confront the revolting scene outside. She was denied openings for work referring to the frightened away people. In any case, understanding her self-esteem Laxmi rose as a dissident who battled for the privileges of a few acid attacks casualties through different activities.

Crushing Stereotype When the world began taking a gander at her contrastingly she stayed unaffected. In the society. In the wake of discovering affection in Alox Dixit, a social lobbyist she took a strong choice to never enter the wedded lady club. She stayed firm on her choice testing the societal generalization connected with marriage.

Laxmi is currently the chief of Chhanav Foundation keeps on restoring, chamber and battle for the privileges of the acid attack casualties. She is determined to not relinquish her fantasy no matter what.