The Inner Meaning of Navratri Celebration – Let’s Bring Happiness

Navratri Celebration

Picturing the real beauty of Navratri with an in depth thought of a priest will AMAZE you!

It was the Navratri eve and the preparations for Navratri festival were with high spirits. People were decorating Mata Ki Choki, females were busy preparing sweets and fancy attire of Goddess Durga. Children were busy playing Dandiya.

In the same society, lived Priest Siyaram. Everyone during the days of Navratri visited him and knows about how to celebrate Navratri. He with complete devotion used to share the customs and traditions with the people. He tells all the devotees to follow the nine days with fasting and praying so that Goddess showers her blessing.

On the Navratri eve, when all preparations were complete, the priest Siyaram was in navratra-fs-foundationsound sleep. All of a sudden, a stroke of light passed through the room where he was slept.He dreamt that a man is betraying his wife for giving birth to a girl child, yet another girl craving for food, standing outside the temple is neglected by people and they are busy donating sweets, milk etc in temple, an old lady lying on the bed crying for support but no one appearing to help her, a lady with no home shivering in cold winter on road side; these glimpse astonished Siyaram of fear and he woke up with fear.

All his past sayings about the customs and traditions and the procedure for Navratri Puja echoed in his ears.

On the bright morning of Navratri Sthaapna, while going to the temple he gave milk to lying dog near his place who was near to death, gave food to a poor girl who lived near the temple and then began his puja at temple. That day as many people who approached him for Navratri Puja, he asked each one of them to understand the real beauty of Navratri Festival. Life is much more behind just fasting, giving food and gifts to 9 Kanyas etc. He said that women are the strong hand of society and they must be respected.

Sooner there was a bunch of people who gathered around Siyaram to know how to do good all sins of past and celebrate Navratri. Siyaram then suggested that first begin with home and daily life and never betray any female. Instead f giving food and toys to anyone, lets those be a part of joy that have lost the smile and hope in the struggles of life. Instead of putting loads and loads of bird food at road sides, put water and food chambers at your home. Such suggestions bought tears in the eyes of people that till yet they were swayed away in the social customs.

Each one of them was so inspired that by the end of Navratra, they were able to bring smile on several faces around them.

So let’s take pledge to spread happiness this Navratri… Let’s Bring Happiness!

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