Save and Help Animals

Join hands to help the animals

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FS Foundation – Let’s Bring Happiness is an initiative for bringing happiness for all.

  • #Seeing a street dog crying!
  • #Seeing a bleeding horse who met with an accident!
  • #Seeing a cow roaming in garbage for food!
  • #Seeing monkeys doing nuisance!
  • # Seeing birds flying here and there in search of water!
All this makes us feel helpless! Isn’t it! Let’s bring happiness for them too!
They too have life! Let them live happily and make space for them too!
save and help animals
Save Animals

FS Foundation – Let’s Bring Happiness is an initiative to come together with people who are really doing good for people and join in support of animals. Our small initiatives can mean a lot for them. Keeping a bowl of water at our homes, feeding street dogs, intimating animal helping societies when see an accident etc. are small initiatives that we all can participate into.

So if you are looking forward to be a part of help to animals or if you find any animal around you think needs help then join us. We are happy to make animals happy. FS Foundation – Let’s Bring Happiness is an NPO in Jaipur, India that is for bringing happiness in the world. You can contact us or mail directly at